In stormy seas,
Our ships may sway,
While foaming waves,
All crash and swirl,

Our ballast lost, tossed in the fray,
Might drag us down, beneath the waves,

Yet let the rising sun,
Which, splendid, shimmers,
Part the clouds,
To gleam and glimmer,
Shining down on floating splinters,
Shattered wreckage glistens warmly,

Still, our damned departures to the deep,
Need not be seen as futile failures,
Rather, providence,
A chance,
To reach the sand and sail again,

Rebuild, restore, and start once more,
Collect yourself,
Then swim to shore,

Your mangled slivers aren’t useless,
Salvage, save them, reinforce them,
With the tools that you possess,

Then sew a mast,
Of wayward dreams,
And stand and watch,
It fill with breeze,
To carry you,
On new adventures,
Over vast, uncertain seas.