At dawn through winter woods
Of wonder,
In wispy wind and frost
He'll wander,

While breezes sway the trees,
Leaves shudder,
Betwixt the sticks and brush
Birds twitter,

"A calm but frigid morn",
He mutters,
Caked lips from flakes of freeze
That flitter

He bends to brush his boots
Of snow,
Then trudges onwards,
Towards home.

Now gentle, radiant rays
Gleam gold,
Send welcome warmth
Into his bones,

Above the Evergreens
He sees,
Dark chimney smoke,
Drift from the trees,

And with a grunt,
He shifts his pack,
Brimming with foodstuffs
On his back,

He longs for care and calm,
Not cold,
For waiting arms,
A wife to hold,

He stops to close his eyes
A while,
And sees her blushing cheeks,
And smiles.