To Heaven and Back Again, dear, whispered she,
When I asked her if she only knew,
Of how much that I loved her, how she was adored,
But my grandma, my Bumma, there’s more, whispered I,

 She was frailer and paler than last I remembered,
Her figure entwined in the tubes by her bed,
Still she beamed at me, gleaming with gentle intentions,

I bent to embrace her, and tenderly said, 

For I love you not only to Heaven and back, but beyond,
You’ve a wonderous soul through and through,
You prevail in the face of misfortune, our world
Is a much better place ‘cause of you. 

And I love you for all of the things that you do,
From the streets here in Orange to Wittenburg, too,
Where your friendships were born and still soar,
Over you, a woman to whom every blessing is due,

You, my Bumma, who’s never neglected another in need,
Whose light can illumine a whole avenue,
Then I paused, lifting softly her hand into mine,
'And few are so true, or so genuine as you. 

Now your body is fragile, not quite as it was,
But still, you’re adored, by both of your grandsons,
Please, be not afraid that your blessings will fade,
They’ll remain in the hearts of the friends that you’ve made, 

I am young, but I’ve witnessed the seasons of life,
As they change us, like leaves, from a green into grey,
Then again, even leaves blown astray by the breeze,
Yet endure on this Earth in exceptional ways, 

If I may, for a moment delay you, to thank you,
For all that you’ve said and you’ve done,
You have made me the man here beside you today,
Your little boy Ethey, your eldest grandson, 

So — to my Bumma, I promise sincerely,
Your love has endeared me, has changed me therein,
I will strive all my life, that I might make you proud
For I love you, to Heaven, and then back again.