Deep dreaming fades to splendid stillness,
Sleep silence, streetlights dim,
Her subtle music’s still elusive,
A brooding city breathes again,

And cool dawn comes with clean concordance,
Vibrant hues arise unmarred,

Watch bodies stride, abide, and glance,
Around the boulevards, entranced.

Where shops all stocked will be unlocked,
While storefronts start to rustle,
And like a race, a swelling pace,
Begins the booming bustle.

Such raucous clashes ravage silence!
Stillness lost amongst the violence,

Vicious streets with clanging cadence,
Sounding bleating horns and sirens,

So you’ll see these many busy,
Spaces covered quickly, to be
Spanned by train, where your campaign,
Might surge across the city, swiftly,

Throngs of people pressing past,
Who’ll push a path with crushing wrath,

Alas, at last, the carriage blast,
On trembling tracks is ended,

But  disembark that roaring ark,
Like beasts sent two by two,
Emerge into the sun and view,
This new metropolis askew,

See, history has heavy hands here,
Veiled in grey and red,
And Russian bones still shroud the stones,
Where German guilt is bred,

Where walls had wept and wasted,
Slept and faded, rugged midnight monoliths,
And with a crash, they tumbled fast,
Like concrete caskets felled at last,

So daylight dwindles; setting sun,
Brings naught but neon light,
It’s noisy now, and dreams are distant,
Fractured by this brightened night,

The silver sliver in the sky,
Still shimmers on the Spree,
Behind fluorescent flames, which falter,
Fading as the morning faintly,
Flickers free outside and in

The hardened heart of New Berlin.