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The Refugees in South Tel Aviv Need Us

To my friends, to my family, and to anyone interested in issues of human well-being -- the refugees in south Tel Aviv need us.

Right now, south Tel Aviv is at the epicenter of a humanitarian crisis. Thousands of refugees and asylum seekers are struggling daily to survive, and it's a highly controversial political problem, but few people outside of Israel know what's going on.

Whatever your stance, I think it's important for everyone to learn more about the refugees, to see the work of some incredible non-profit organizations, and to help if you can... links provided in the article.

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Perspectives on Gaza, from Both Sides of the Fence

The peace process between Israel and Gaza is on pause, but hope for a peaceful future won't be so easily snuffed. It's kindled by people on both sides. In March, Yahel and it's fellows had the unique opportunity to learn about Gaza with Nagham Mohanna, Sarah Pollack, and Rami Aman -- three people who've been affected by the conflict more than most. Here's what they said.

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Coexistance in Israel, Answered Hand in Hand

The question of Israeli and Arab coexistance is complex and extraordinarily sensitive, and it is more often answered with misunderstandings than fruitful discussions.

This is one of the biggest problems Israel faces today, but fortunately, a group of Israeli and Arab educational reformists are pushing for change, and their answer is the classroom.

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The Unseen Side of Israel — What I’m Doing Here

Israel is more than a war-state or a hotbed for media coverage. Like many places in the Middle East, it is a cultural crossroads, vibrant with people and history, and that is what makes it beautiful.

If you’re curious about why I’m here, or if you’ve ever had conflicting thoughts about Israel, this post will be well worth your time.

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