A Cure for the Couch Potato


We're getting lazy.

Lazy, because we let technology do all our dirty work. We have apps order our pizzas, and we make Alexa answer our questions when we don't want to type.

But why shouldn't we order Papa John’s from the john or scream at Alexa when our hands are full? Why make life harder than it has to be? No harm, no foul. Don’t judge.

But, we can judge — at least a little bit — because being a lazy potato does nothing for anyone and by golly if we don't have an epidemic on our hands.

Curing Couch Potato-ism


Being a couch potato is fine now and then (otherwise we'll pull a hammie or end up on Shutter Island), but there's a danger to vegging. Beneath the cushions and crumbs and I'll Do It Tomorrow's, complacency lurks. 

Beating complacency is simple if we focus on stepwise improvement. We try each day to be better than we were yesterday even if it's itty-bitty baby steps. A step's a step's a step.

Whether it's the weight room or the classroom, challenge yourself to be your best 'you'.

Side Note: I lied. Beating complacency isn't simple. I know this because I'm a writer, and like all writers, I keep a box of tears and rejected manuscripts beside my laptop.

It's true, life is rough and we'll all have days of one step up and two hundred steps back (with a kick to the groin for good measure), but that’s life and as long as we can brush off the bootprints, complacency stays in the shadows.

Here's a caveat: complacency will suck us down if we let it. When we struggle, we sink, and the bottom gets lonely, so we pull others down with us.

That's not fair. We should be lifting each other up. Today, take a glance at an article or two. Order a pizza while you make #2, and scream at Alexa until you're blue.

But whatever you do, don't sink into the cushions.
Challenge yourself to become your best 'you'.


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