Why I Write - An E.H.H Backstory


Short answer, because I enjoy writing.
Now for the long answer.

I started creative writing during Miss Hindle's second grade class.
Our final project was to make an animal diorama, complete with a research report, and I was assigned to the Grey Wolf. 
I totally fudged the diorama. I was more intent on rewatching Star Wars for the 100th time. I just taped together some shoe boxes and sprinkled in a few scraps of paper and that was that.

For some reason, though, I was transfixed by the written part.

I became inspired to draft out a fantasy story about what it would be like living with wolves.
Star Wars could wait. 




When grades came in, my diorama was laughably bad by class comparison, but I'd still pulled off an 'A'. Miss Hindle adored my wolf story. She even said so. 
Miss Hindle, adoring my writing? I loved that my writing was loved. 

I started creating poetry and short stories in my free time.


I wrote one that followed a group of marines from the video game Halo: Combat Evolved. My main character's name was PFC Jack Koff. 
I'm dead serious.
I didn't understand why it was so funny until much later.  

I kept up with the writing through elementary school, and I even went on to win a couple of district creativity awards, but after that, my hobbies shifted to videogames and sports. Creative writing was put on the back burner.
Now, it's back, burning at the forefront of my life.

I've been told if you want to know what you'll like as an adult, try to remember what you liked as a kid. 

Maybe this is why my website's first theme used wolves? 

Maybe this is why my website's first theme used wolves? 


It's weird to consider now how I've come full circle. I'm an adult, and what do I like?
Writing? Check. Grey Wolves? Yes. Star Wars? Hell yes. 

Again, I'm writing.... A lot. 
I write to teach.
I write to learn.
I write to inform or inspire or explore the imagination.
Sometimes, I write because I don't know what else to do. 
Mostly, though, I write because in second grade, Miss Hindle told me she enjoyed my Grey Wolf story. I hope I can make others feel that same sort of enjoyment.

They say the things you'll like as an adult are the things you liked as a kid. 
I'm an adult now, and I wholeheartedly agree.