And Then, Like That, I Became An Adult


It snuck up on me.

There's a common misconception that adults have the world figured out.
This is false.

Adults are just bigger children with a better grasp on the world. None of us really have any clue what we're doing. Nobody does. If they say they do, they're either lying or they're insane, or maybe they're Richard Dawkins.


Yesterday, I was in the middle of a conversation with Tom down at Starbucks. He's a retired insurance fraud detective who comes by to read every night. We were talking about the new Time magazine piece on Trump, weighing out the various arguments and speculating on the future of our American political system. Boring stuff.

Suddenly, I realized something weird: 
I was thinking like an adult. 
It blew my mind. 

When I turned 18, the American government sent me MY draft registration papers and told me I was allowed to buy cigarettes.
I was still practically a baby. 

After graduating college, I had to learn how to budget, how to pay bills, and how to build credit. 
I started to feel a bit more my age, but it hadn't hit yet.

I'm now 23, I run my own website, I talk politics with strangers, and I shake my head at my 16-year-old brother because I think the new popular culture is totally ridiculous. 

I'm Ethan, I'm an adult now, I'll never have it all figured out. 

What does that mean though?
Should I stop questioning things because I'll never have all the answers, and it's way easier just to close this browser window and pull up Netflix instead?
Should I throw up my hands in frustration because, even today, I have no idea what I want to do with the rest of my life?

I don't think so. 
On the contrary, I want to struggle a bit. I think it keeps me honest. It's how I learn and grow and improve.
With adulthood comes stress - and the death and taxes Ben Franklin warned us about. Then again, it also comes with wisdom, knowledge, and more life experience than you can shake a cane at. It's cool to be able to chat politics with the older guys and gals down at Starbucks.

Plus, I get to eat breakfast for dinner whenever I want because I'm an adult now, and I'm going to enjoy it.