picture of ethan hunter harrington

What’s this guy all about?

Ethan Harrington is a writer from California, but he's usually somewhere else. He thrives at kicking stones down the street and working on too many projects at once.

Ethan is best known for his speculative fiction short stories, but he is also an avid blogger and research journalist currently volunteering in Israel. In his free time, Ethan enjoys the beach, being a cliché, and flying his Trans-Orbital Antimatter Space Corvette. 

Where is Ethan right now? Follow the link (soon) to find out!

Wait! There’s more!

I write. But I like other stuff too. 

Star Wars? Yep. Lord of the Rings? Def. I sing, and I dance (poorly), and don't even get me started on my passion for video games.

I write it all. 

I dance between poems and prose, slip-jump from Sci-Fi to Fantasy, and flip-trip to blog posts and article dabbles.
Like my Trans-Orbital Antimatter Space Corvette, my thoughts are always zip-zooming around me.
Whether they get pasted to paper is a whole different story.

I write with intention. 

I'm seasoned in sciencey stuff and I've earned my salt in thinky things. I like to pepper the world with novel ideas, and I exist to inspire deep thinking… I think?
I grumble lots but I never forget to goof off, because life is a frigid dish, and it don't hurt to spice it up some. 

I write words.

Words can build empires, and words can destroy them. They can make us love and hate and stuff our faces with Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.
My favorite words are shenanigans, discombobulate, and perspicacious. 

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I may be a writer, but I'm also a talker, so talk to me. I'm hungry for feedback. Nuke it up and serve it straight.


  • When it feels like life is out of control, think of Arvel Crynyd. the pilot who spun his A-Wing into a Super Star Destroyer's bridge and single-handedly shredded their control matrix. Fly-bomb your problems like Crynyd did.

  • Darth Maul is cool, too.