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Who am i? — bio

I’m Ethan, and I’m a teacher, a blogger, a sci-fi writer, and a social change activist. I want to be a changemaker, too -- whether it’s through little projects, like a weekly crafts table for kids, or bigger and bolder endeavors, like taking part in a nationwide push for racial equality.


I’m all about smiles, the most underrated currency. There’s beauty in little things, and I’ve learned even the simplest actions -- an encouraging word, a helping hand, an ear to listen -- can have profound impacts.


I want to help others, so I started my career in emergency medicine, then moved to lab research, and then to the Kindergarten classroom (all of which had some striking similarities). I’ve since settled comfortably into non-profit, and as an alum of the Yahel Israel fellowship, I’ve learned how special this kind of work can be.

Yes, it can be difficult. It can be frustrating. But, at the end of the day, the smiles make it worthwhile.


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I’d also like to give a sincere thanks to my family, friends, and everyone who’s helped me get where I am today. I can’t do it without your support!